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KANSAS CITY • since 2015
We provide creative services aimed at helping organizations, musicians, photographers, and agencies connect with their audience on a deeper level. let us help you develop your artist brand, create amazing music, and distribute your art to the world.


  • Concert Photography

    Starting at $300
    We'll come to your concert and shoot pre-show, show, and post-show.
  • Off-Site Photoshoot

    Starting at $200
    We'll shoot you outside at your location of choice.
  • Live Venue Photography

    Starting at $150
    We'll shoot you performing your music live.


  • Music Video Production

    Starting at $1000
    We'll bring your music to life with industry standard video.
  • Live Concert Video Production

    Starting at $1200
    We'll film all aspects of your live concert.
  • Promo Video Production

    Starting at $500
    We'll shoot a short promo video for your newest release.
  • Social Media Video Production

    Starting at $300
    We'll shoot specially built videos for your social media campaigns.


  • Custom Album Cover Art

    Starting at $75
    We'll create custom album art for your next release.
  • Digital & Physical Banners

    Starting at $100
    We'll design banners for your online platforms and live shows.
  • Logo Design

    Starting at $250
    We'll create a custom logo that embodies your music.
  • Motion Graphic Design

    Starting at $300
    We'll bring your logos and cover art to life with motion.
Make it


  • Website Design

    Starting at $700
    5 Page Wordpress Website
  • Social Media Makeover

    Starting at $250
    Complete revamp of all social platforms.
  • One-Sheet & Biography Creation

    Starting at $150
    Our team will write your biography and one-sheet.
  • Career Consultation

    One hour session outlining your career plan in detail.
  • Brand Identity & Vision Consulting

    We'll help you develop a unique music brand.

Music Publishing

  • Royalty Administration

    Call for pricing
    We get your music set up for royalty collection and much more.
  • Copyright Registrations

    Call for pricing
    We'll ensure your music and art is protected.

Music Distribution

  • Streaming Platform Upload

    Call for pricing
    Let us help you get your music on all your favorite streaming platforms.


Let us help you take your music and career to the next stage. Email us today to get started.