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Guitar Lessons
Course Description

This course is meant to teach entry-level guitar. In these 10 courses, you will be introduced to music theory however the primary focus of the class will be open chords, timing, reading tablature and/or standard notation, and hand independence. Students are expected to practice on their own at home as a way to enhance instruction retention and skills.


This is an Entry Level Class and therefore does not require the student have experience or be knowledgable about guitar before attending


As a result of this of the class students will be able to:

  • Identify the different parts of a guitar
  • Properly hold the guitar
  • Tune the guitar at home
  • Name all the individual notes
  • Play open chords
  • Understand how to read guitar tablature 
  • Play along with a metronome to keep time

It is important to practice outside of class to benefit fully from the information that is taught. The guitar is an instrument that requires practice and attention or else you will lose the technical skill required to progress.

Class #1
  • Discuss the different parts of the guitar. 
  • Learn the appropriate way to hold the guitar as well as proper hand placement. 
  • Introduce the concept of music theory and name all of the notes on the guitar.
  • Play a song using single notes.
Class #2
  • Review the notes and fundamentals of guitar.
  • Learn how to tune a guitar so it sounds good while you play.
  • Introduction to open chords.
Class #3
  •  Introduction to guitar tabs & standard notation.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of playing tabs vs. notes.
  • Additional chord practice while playing simple songs.
  • Introduction to guitar chord transitions.
Class #4
  • Review previous class materials. 
  • Introduction to the basic C major scale.
  • Best practices & exercises to improve hand independence and coordination.
Class #5
  • Review the C Major scale and discuss additional music theory components.
  • Differentiating between playing chords vs. arpeggios.
  • Best practices for picking & fingerpicking.
  • Understanding tonality differences between picking vs. fingerpicking.
Class #6
  • Additional scale practice and fundamental understanding of guitar notes on the fretboard.
  • Choose a popular song from a sample set to practice and perform.
Class #7
  • Instructor and student will analyze the selected song and establish how to play the song as it is written and to completion.
  • Student will identify key, time-signature, proper fingering, and appropriate tonality, tempo, and style for the song.
  • The student will dissect the song into 3 sections (Verse, Chorus, Bridge).
  • The student will practice and learn each section of the song.
Class #8
  • Revisit each section of the song as well as fundamentals from previous lessons.
  • Discuss best challenges and best practices. practice difficult passages and fundamental aspects of the song.
  • The instructor will make suggestions on how to improve the performance of the piece.
Class #9
  • Perform the song for the instructor in-full with no mistakes.
  • Perform the C Major scale in root position.
  • Perform basic open chord positions and display sufficient skill.
Class #10
  • Professionally record students chosen song.
  • Practice playing with a metronome and learn to record yourself.
danny x kansas city music producer and guitarist

With well over a decade of professional music experience, Daniel Sandage, who’s better known by his stage and production mantra Danny X has been an integral part of the Unlabeled Music brand from the beginning. His music journey began in bands and as a solo musician before he transitioned into becoming an accomplished audio engineer and music producer. As a musician, Danny X has had a multitude of opportunities to both produce and play live and has been a prolific presence in Kansas City Music for quite some time. With a deep knowledge of guitar, and an even more important foundational understanding of music theory, Danny is able to help students learn the ins and outs of the guitar while simultaneously helping them grasp more advanced concepts with music theory, song arrangement, and songwriting. 

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