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About Us.

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KANSAS CITY • since 2015
Unlabeled • since 2015

Working Hours

Our engineers and producers are available to work with varying levels of flexibility. Our studio typically fills up quickly so booking a session 2-4 days in advance will help you secure your timeslot. Come visit us in Westport KC.

  • Every Day

    10AM - 6PM

Our typical operating hours are between 10AM-6PM, 7 Days a week. Our peak times are between 5-10PM. We are available 24 hours a day by appointment.

Kansas City
Unlabeled • since 2015

Who We Are

Unlabeled is Kansas City's leading music production and recording facility. Since 2015, we've spent 15,000+ hours helping musicians create their best work. We've made a point to push our local community and music scene forward with a premier recording experience housed in a beautifully crafted, custom-made, 2400 square foot facility located in the Heart of Kansas City's Westport entertainment district. Our goal is to create an optimal atmosphere for musicians to create their best work. We want you to feel at home and comfortable when you visit our studio. Visit us today and learn more about Unlabeled.

Unlabeled • since 2015

Music Experts

We offer traditional audio engineering and custom music production services to artists, businesses, school districts, and agencies. With 10 active engineers and producers, we're capable of providing the level of service an aspiring artist needs to take their music and career to the next level and have the deep industry knowledge to tackle commercial projects for any size operation. We're always looking to partner with other music businesses in the city to further the goal of awareness for the arts.


Our studio is located in the heart of Kansas City's Westport entertainment district.

607 Westport Road. Suite #700